Urgent Prayer Request

I’m so pleased to announce that 5 of the kids who were in istanbul for heart surgery have returned to Suly and are doing very well. However, one of the little boys who had surgery, Shad is still in turkey and has taken a turn for the worse. He crashed last night and is in surgery for the third time right now. Here is an email from the PLC staff member, Jeremy, who is in Turkey with the family:

Hey all,

Just wanted you to know that at 4:30 a.m. this morning Shad started with a fever and moved quickly to unresponsiveness (when being called) and then into some sort of oxygen deficiency that led to his being admitted to ICU immediately.
Doctor Cicek was on the scene as quickly as possible and Shad was in surgery around 7:30 or 8 a.m. this morning. He is still in surgery now and we don’t have any information.
Shad was doing phenomenally well yesterday: out of ICU, very attentive and active, walking around the whole hospital, talking extensively about going home to Suly. Doctors and nurses were all surprised at how well he was doing. That has made his “crash” last night that much more alarming…
I’ll let you know more when I know it.
Please be in prayer for him today that the Lord would heal him and give wisdom to the doctors and nurses. His father, Faraydoon, is there with him and I’m sure this is very difficult for him. Please pray for him as well.

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