Special Update 2

I will write a real update later but I just wanted to share with everyone on how the kids receiving heart surgeries this week are doing:

Ruzhan, the sweet little girl who received surgery this past Thursday, is doing phenomenal! Her surgery was a complete success and the doctor’s were able to give her heart a full correction which means she should never have to have another heart surgery! Ruzhan is now out of ICU and in her own private room with her father. She is no longer blue; instead, a beautifully healthy pink. Incredible!
Eleven-year-old Mohammad received his surgery on Friday. After having the pre-surgery exam, doctors found that his heart condition was much worse than previously thought. He had FIVE heart defects! The surgery was complicated and took much longer than expected but was completely successful. All five heart defects were fixed! It will take a few days for him to recover in ICU but he is doing so great. His dad was crying tears of joy at realizing the change this will make for their family. He should be a normal pre-teenage boy that can run and play football (soccer) within the next couple months! http://preemptivelove.org/BLOG/ This is an incredible video that one of the interns shot. The intern, Ben, was actually able to stand in on the surgery. I promise this video will leave your breathless! Watch it!
Mazyar, the 3-year-old little boy, who when I met him was all laughter and smiles, received his surgery on Friday as well. Mazyar also received a full heart correction. I am not sure if he is out of ICU yet but he supposedly doing wonderful. All that is left for this little boy is to find a Smile Train in Turkey than can fix his cleft pallet so that his new heart, bubbling joyfulness, and smile can all match.
The last one to go to surgery is fourth-month-old Daryan. Daryan’s surgery is scheduled for tomorrow, July 27th. This will be the most difficult surgery by far. The cardiologist in Iraq that initially examined him said that his heart condition was the worst he has ever seen. Dr.Cicek, the pediatric surgeon performing the surgeries in Istanbul, says that Daryan has about an 80% chance of survival. These odds really aren’t that great. Please be in constant prayer for this tiny baby tonight and tomorrow. Pray for Dr.Cicek to have wisdom and a steady hand. Daryan’s young mother is the one who travelled with him to Turkey. Pray for peace and comfort for her heart as she will be going through the unimaginable tomorrow. Pray that whatever happens, God is ultimately glorified and that this family is drawn closer to the Lord whether the outcome is good or bad. Pray for healing for this tiny baby boy.
Please go to PLC blog to see pictures and find out more details about these kids. See their innocent faces and the radical life-change they are gaining. http://preemptivelove.org/blog/

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