Special Update #3

I have nothing but good news to report and I am in awe that this is the case. I wish I had words to describe the awesomeness of God but really there are none sufficient.

Ruzhan (the young girl) is back in her village in Iraq. She is doing incredible and really is as good as new. She called the other day to thank PLC for making it possible for her to receive surgery.
Mazyar (3-year-old boy) is now back home in his village as well! The doctors are astounded at his recovery. Just days after surgery he was running and playing in the hospital courtyard. As much as the nurses tried to slow him down as a precaution, Mazyar kept skipping around. Nothing could slow him down. He is now reunited with him mother and other family.
Mohammad (11-year-old boy) had a really tough week. The doctors were very pleased with his surgery as he received a full heart correction from FIVE heart defects! They were very hopeful until they realized he was having difficulty speaking and eating in ICU which left him malnourished. They feared he had Tapia’s syndrome –  a congenital problem affecting the vocal chords, causing atrophy of one side of the tongue and the opposite side of the vocal chords. Mohammad received an MRI and neurological exam revealing that his brain was completely normal! Praise the Lord!  He was sent back to Sulaymaniyah yesterday! Although he will use a temporary feeding tube until he is able to eat solid food on his own, the doctors are confident he will be 100% in a few weeks.
Daryan (4-mo-old baby boy) is still in ICU in Turkey. Despite all odds, this tiny baby survived surgery! He was doing very well for the first days in ICU, but as soon as the nurses extubated him, Daryan’s pulmonary pressures skyrocketed. If a child dies post-heart surgery, it is usually because of high pulmonary pressures. They had to reintubate him and put him on a treatment of nitrous oxide which is suppose to dilate his blood vessels and therefore lower the pressure. Although he has been on the treatment almost a week, his pressure is slowly but steadily decreasing! Where there was very little hope in the beginning, doctors are fairly confident that Daryan will pull through. What a miracle!
Pray for these children as they continue to recover. Although Daryan is improving, he is not completely out of the woods. Pray for healing. Daryan’s mom is alone in Turkey. This is the first time she has been away from home and in an unknown culture hearing an unknown language. All of these factors plus the constant fear and anticipation that Daryan will not make it, have taken it’s toll on this young mother. Pray that the Lord would engulf her in peace and comfort.
 In other news, God has completely provided the money for me to stay in Iraq until December!!! WOW! Time and time again God provides for me in ways I can’t even understand. God is good and SO worthy to be praised!

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