Starry Night

Starry Night by Van Gogh

It’s difficult to remember God’s hand in creation here in Iraq where the skyline is always dusty-gray. Of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but the neutral colors of the city combined with innumerable cement buildings and houses, a lack of anything green and this tan dust that never seems to settle, doesn’t always leave me in awe of its beauty.

At night it is usually cooler outside than inside. So one night last week, my fellow roommate Angel and I decided to sleep on the roof. One of the best decisions I’ve made this summer. We grabbed our dolshaks (Kurdish beds = 3 or 4 inches think of Tempurpedic-like foam) and headed for the top of our three story concrete house. The air was surprisingly crisp and cool allowing us to view a myriad of stars. All of the sudden, I was humbled and completely amazed at the beauty of God’s creation. The song Always by Hillsong immediately began to play in my head:

Did You rise the sun for me?
Or paint a million stars that I might
Know Your majesty?
Is Your voice upon the wind?
Is everything I’ve known marked
With my maker’s fingerprints?

Some people see God’s grandeur and power in the ocean or the mountains or in a mighty storm. I see His unfathomable majesty in the stars.  Just marvel with me for a moment…

Our sun is one star… ONE star at the center of ONE galaxy. On nights that are particularly clear stars light up the entire sky like a giant Lite-Brite. And those are just the stars we can see, each with its own galaxy. Through the Hubble telescope, scientists have estimated that there are at least 350,000,000,000 galaxies. (I don’t even know what 350 billion marbles look like, let alone galaxies!) If that doesn’t amaze you, realize that the Hubble telescope wasn’t even invented until 1929. God created all of these galaxies thousands of years ago and no one even knew about them! Why do think that is? Perhaps for us to realize how teeny tiny and microscopic we are compared to how big God is? To realize all of the worships He is owed? Is it so we will fall on our faces in awe of His majesty?


2 thoughts on “Starry Night

  1. All I can say is WOW. When you write about God it gives me chills! Your word pictures are incredible! On a different level – have you ever thought about being a writer? You would definitely need me in some capacity – to proof?

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